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FAQ –┬ácar title loans in fontana

We want to give you the FAQs and just the FAQs about auto title loans in fontana. There are always going to be questions that need answered when you are considering taking out a title loan on your vehicle. This is understandable. You worked hard to get that title clear and free and using it as collateral is a big step. The important thing to note is that choosing title loans for your financial needs is a step in the right direction. We will do everything possible to secure the cash you are hoping to receive. Listed below are some of the typical frequently asked questions we receive from customers just like you.

Does my name need to be on the title?

Yes. If you are the person applying for the loan your name must be listed as the title owner.

Does the vehicle listed on my title need to be insured?

Yes. Since you continue to drive the vehicle after the loan has been approved it will need to be insured.

Are car title loan companies out to take my car?

No. Auto title loan businesses like us are out to help you; not hurt you. Your collateral will be taken to secure your obligation only as a very last resort.

Do I need a job in order to get an auto title loan?

No. Although employment is certainly a good thing, any type of income will suffice as long as it permits you to repay your obligation.

Does my vehicle need to be brand new?

No. However, the newer and better shape your automobile is in, the more money you can expect to borrow


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